How the Republican Party’s Culture War Continues

AARP magazine, the oldest and most influential conservative magazine in America, will no longer publish an issue called “Barrons.”

“Barrards is no longer a viable platform for our members, and we are choosing to withdraw it from publication,” the magazine said in a statement on Monday.

“Our goal was to provide an outlet for members to speak up and express their views in an environment that was free of the distractions of politics and the political circus that we have witnessed over the last several months.”

In February, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus resigned from the party after he received a letter from the group’s senior director of communications, Dan Scavino, in which he urged him to abandon Barrards, which is the name of the magazine’s political website.

“This is not an endorsement of Barrards,” Priebus wrote in the letter, which he later withdrew from publication.

“It’s clear that Barrards is now no longer the right platform for this organization and its members.”

The magazine was founded in 1912 by an anti-slavery abolitionist named William Barber, who was killed in 1862 during the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The magazine was renamed after the late William “Bill” Barr, who served as the editor of Barrons from 1918 to 1972.

The magazine has been criticized for its conservative politics.

In 2010, the magazine launched a series called “The GOP: From Bully to Bully,” in which it detailed a number of controversies with the GOP and other conservative groups.

AARP’s decision comes less than a week after the conservative publication National Review published a column by former Republican Rep. Ron Paul, who called on the party to abandon its support for the Tea Party movement.

In its statement, AARP called on members of Congress to stop using the term “Tea Party” and instead use the term the term Republican.

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