The bridge magazine ban

California’s first LGBT magazine, Bridge Magazine, has been banned in the state of California.

It was banned from being published by all magazines and newspapers in the State, including newspapers, online, radio and television, in July.

The magazine was published on Facebook, with an address at Californians Corner, in the heart of Hollywood.

The website has a disclaimer that reads “It is our intention to remain open and open to our community in any form, including online, in order to allow for the best possible publication experience for everyone.”

The decision comes as a result of a campaign led by the California Family Council.

The campaign said the magazine “offers a platform for hate and discrimination, and is a source of hate and prejudice, and encourages violence”.

In a statement, the California Department of Education said it was concerned about the publication of the magazine.

“We are concerned about this publication because it represents a violation of the California State Education Code that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in education, health care, employment, and other areas of the state’s education and health care system,” it said.

“Because of this, we have taken action to block publication of this magazine in the future.”

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