How I discovered the New York Times

on the life of the Indian author, and how he got the title “the greatest writer in India” article The New York, the Times has published an article about a New York-based author, who it says was once known as “the most prolific writer in Indian literature” and was also “the author of more than a dozen novels.”

The Times article says the author, Kishore Mahadevan, “has written more than 40 books, including some of the best-selling novels of our time.”

It notes that he has written over 250 short stories, and has also been the author of “several novels.”

However, it says, “his most recent novel, the one that inspired the title, is currently in its second printing, and is available for sale on the online bookseller”

The article notes that Mahadevans work “has been called the ‘gold standard’ for Indian fiction.”

It quotes him as saying that his fiction is “about love, sacrifice, and life in the most personal and meaningful way.”

The article says Mahadeva has a “wonderful sense of humour, and his fiction often features characters that are deeply flawed or deeply selfish.”

Mahadevar has written for several magazines including The Times and New Yorker, and was once the editor of a major New York daily.

He has also published fiction for the National Review.

The article goes on to say that Mahavevans novel “Dreadful Life” is “not the type of book that will inspire readers with the same depth of emotion or sympathy that his novels do, but it is an absorbing read.”

The Times article mentions Mahadeve’s book as one of the “ten most influential” of his career.

It says he was born in Delhi, India, on December 26, 1910, and lived there until his early twenties, when he moved to New York to pursue his writing.

It adds that Mahavir, who has also written a number of novels, has “written more than 200 short stories and many novels.”

Mahaveva is said to have spent much of his life in India.


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