Why the magazine ban is so bad for gaming magazines

AUSTIN — While gaming magazines are thriving and selling out, they’re also under attack from a new set of regulations that have been issued for several years.

The state has tightened the rules for gaming mags since 2008, and a bill passed last month that would have banned gaming magazines is likely to be the next target.

The bill would ban the use of any word, image, image or other content in the publication without permission from a license holder.

If a licensed publisher wishes to publish in a gaming magazine, it would need to apply for an official license from the Texas Board of Regents.

That license would be limited to one year, but the Board of Education has the final say on whether the magazine’s owner has been granted it or not.

The board has given the go-ahead to magazines to use the term “virtual reality” in a publication and the use is prohibited unless otherwise authorized by a license.

Gaming magazines would still be able to use “virtual” as a catchall term, but there would be a $100 fine for every violation.

The new regulations also restrict the use and sale of “virtual currency,” which would be illegal if used in the gaming magazine or anywhere else, and it’s illegal to use virtual currency for gambling, drug use, prostitution or anything else that is not legal in Texas.

That includes the sale of items like “real estate,” which is illegal in Texas and carries a penalty of $1,000 to $10,000 per offense.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new magazine, you’d better make sure you’re licensed before you start buying the magazines because it’s a $2,000 fine if you do not, the Texas Tribune reported.

The regulation does not apply to magazines that sell the magazines or to magazines directly.

The Texas Gaming Commission has said it will make sure all licensed magazines are complying with the new regulations.

The gaming magazine industry has been reeling since the state took action in 2008.

It was the only industry in the state that did not have its own state licensing system, and the regulations were designed to prevent the state from controlling where magazines were published.

But the regulations are now being used to limit access to licensed publications, with some games publishers claiming that it’s unfair for a small publisher like their own to get the same kind of protection as a large publisher.


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