Slash magazine: ‘We are all doomed’

By David Price | The first issue of the Slash magazine, which is going out of print after the death of editor-in-chief Matt Forbeck, is available for free online.

The magazine, known for its reviews of new video games, sports, film and music, will be free for people who subscribe to a subscription to the magazine’s website, the, a Slash member said.

Forbeck, who was known as “the nerd with a brain” for his ability to analyze the industry, died Sunday after a long battle with colon cancer.

The Slashmagazine will no longer be run by Forbeck’s family, according to a statement from the magazine.

The magazine will remain a subscription-based subscription service for its members, according the statement.

The announcement comes a day after The Hollywood Reporter reported that the publication is about to be sold to a larger publisher.

The new publisher is believed to be an international conglomerate of companies including AOL, Google, Facebook and Yahoo, the news site reported.

The acquisition is expected to close in the next two to three weeks, according a Slash source.