Which song is the best song from the last decade? – MTV News

In the latest edition of MTV News’ annual “Top 100 Albums” series, which features the most-watched music videos, the answer is “a whole lot of stuff.”

The list is based on total streams of songs on YouTube and Spotify over the last five years.

The Top 100 albums are listed below.

It’s not just about the most popular songs.

It’s also about the songs that are the most relevant to people’s lives.

“The reason why we chose the Top 100 is that the music industry is constantly trying to create new trends,” says John McEnroe, senior vice president of music for MTV Networks.

“The music industry, with its endless stream of ideas, has never really been able to keep pace with the way our lives are changing.”

He says that “the biggest problem is that music has never been as connected to people as it is now.

We’ve always been a culture of listening and not listening, and that’s what has made music so popular.”

So, what does MTV News think of the music chart this year?

We’re joined by McEnoe, MTV News senior editor of pop culture, to discuss.

The Top 100, which was first published in February, is based, in part, on the number of times a song has been played in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, the chart for albums sold in the U.S.

A song that has been on the Billboard Top 100 more than a year, and has played in more than 1 million songs, is counted as having been on that chart.

Songs with fewer than five weeks of play are counted in their entirety.

The first song on the list to be on the Top 20, for example, is Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

“When we’re talking about trends, the top 100 isn’t necessarily the best chart.

We have to look at the trends,” McEnro says.

“What are the trends?

How are the songs relevant to what people are experiencing in their lives right now?

That’s where we come in.

We look at how many people are watching this music and how many are buying it.”MTV News’ Top 100 Album Chart, 2018The Top 50 albums are as follows: “Tiger” by Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj (8,948,000 total streams) “Don’t Look Back” by Drake, The Weeknd and Ty Dolla $ign (872,000) “Tough Love” by Frank Ocean and Nicky Romero (6,817,000 streams)”Don’t Speak” by Daft Punk, Bastille, Bastards and Martin Garrix (631,000, total streams and more)”Black Hole Sun” by The Weekends, Dada Life, The Killers and Daft Beats (629,000 and more, respectively)”I Don’t Know My Name” by Ed Sheeran and Nick Jonas (627,000 downloads and more than half a million streams, respectively, according to Spotify)”Passionfruit” by Radiohead, Radiohead and Thom Yorke (525,000; a week on Spotify)The Top 20 songs from each year have not been released yet, so we’ll need to wait until we get a copy of the official release to make the Top 50 list.

That means we’ll have to wait two weeks, and then two months, before we can add these songs to the list.

But McEner says it’s important to remember that the Top 40 albums and Top 10 albums are both counted as “best” songs in the same way that the top 10 songs from the same year are counted.

“We think it’s more important that the songs we have on the chart reflect the current zeitgeist in the industry,” he says.

The list has been updated throughout 2018, but the last two months have been particularly busy.

For example, this week, Drake and his Hotline Blings album “Tangerine” went from #50 on Spotify to #1 on the U-Kiss chart.

It is the first album from Drake’s career that has peaked in the top three of the U,K.K. chart, which is one of the most dominant charts in the world.

It also ranks in the “best album” category.

This year, we’ve also seen two other top albums debut on the charts.

The Weekend’s “I Don´t Know My New Name” and The Kill, “I Want My Back” went #3 and #4 respectively.

McEnroloes goal with the list is to reflect the “current zeitgebers of our time.”

The latest Billboard chart, released on Wednesday, ranks the Billboard 200 albums chart, as well as all other chart-toppers, in order of sales in the week ending Sept. 30.

The chart ranks the sales of all albums, as measured by streaming services.

It includes digital sales and album sales