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Vanity magazine, a popular online magazine, recently announced that it would be closing.

The online magazine was founded in 2016, and had a staff of about 200 people at its peak.

“The online magazine is about the people and what we do as a company, and the people we’ve built and the products we’ve sold,” Vanity CEO John Stiles said.

“But as we move into the future, we don’t have the staff we need to continue doing what we love to do.”

The magazine is also closing its Brisbane headquarters and moving to its Melbourne offices.

Vanity is part of the Australian news and culture industry, and publishes an extensive portfolio of popular online magazines.

In 2016, the company sold its flagship online magazine The Future of Style for $4.5 million.

The Future was published by the publisher of the online magazine Forbes, and has been described as “a must-read for all people of all ages”.

It was a success in the online world, earning a 1.6 rating on the popular search engine Google.

A year later, Vanity published The Daily Muse, an online magazine that is considered a must-have for everyone.

The Daily is the home of the popular and highly influential weekly blog and lifestyle website The Muse.

It is also a must have for anyone looking for a well-rounded, diverse and informative lifestyle and entertainment experience.

In 2018, Vanities flagship magazine The Daily was sold to the online publisher Forbes for $5.3 million.

Vanities latest online magazine New World of Culture is being shut down, and will no longer exist.

The magazine, which has been online since 2007, was launched in 2015 by the online lifestyle magazine The Art of Living, which publishes articles from across the globe.

New World was published in partnership with the popular fashion magazine FASHION and features a wide range of articles from fashion designers, celebrities and designers from all over the world.

The New World website is now owned by The Muse and its staff are no longer working at Vanities Brisbane headquarters.

Vanitas CEO John Stubbs said Vanities website has been a key factor in the magazine’s success, and is part and parcel of the brand.

“In addition to the fantastic staff and editorial team that has created and maintained the New World online magazine for over 15 years, The Muse is the brand that runs it all, from the design to the content,” he said.

Vanitias chief operating officer, Brian Gannon, said it was the perfect time for Vanitas to move on from the Vanity website.

“It’s been a very good run, we’ve had great relationships with our advertisers, we’re really excited to have that online presence in the future,” he told

“We’ve been working on this for a while and we just wanted to put that out to the public in a way that they could be able to take their time and really enjoy it.”

The website reached out to Vanitas for comment, but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

Vanitizer Magazine, a new online magazine from the family owned and run Vanitas publishing company, is set to launch in the coming months.

Vanites new magazine will focus on news, entertainment, lifestyle, technology and technology-related topics.

Vanistic founder and editor Chris van Dyke said the magazine will continue to cover the Australian media landscape, with a focus on local, regional and global stories.

“A lot of our readers are looking for an Australian-focused magazine,” he explained.

“I think it’s going to be a great platform for them to do that.”

The magazine will be a platform for us to talk about some of the news, to talk to the people that we’re talking to on a daily basis and to get them to talk more about their lifestyle, their careers and how they’re living their lives,” Mr van Dyk said.

The publication will feature news, reviews, interviews and interviews with the media.

Vanitic has been in the media spotlight in the past, with the magazine having the first cover story on the Australian national broadcaster, Seven, in June 2016.

It was followed by a series of other covers in magazines and newspapers across Australia, including The Daily, New World and Vanity.

“Our readers want to be able read stories about the most exciting things going on in Australia.” “

This is a great opportunity for us, we want to continue to grow and we want the people of Vanitis to have access to the best in the industry,” Mr Stubbs added.

“Our readers want to be able read stories about the most exciting things going on in Australia.”

The Vanitas’ new magazine is set for launch in 2018.

The Vanities upcoming online magazine will have an online format that will allow readers to read the stories, interviews, reviews and interviews that are featured on the magazine and on Vanity’s website.