Man, 25, jailed for murdering girlfriend after sex row

A man has been jailed for killing his girlfriend after a sex row.

Jonathan James Taylor, 25 from North London, was sentenced to life in prison after a jury found him guilty of murder.

He was also found guilty of attempted murder.

Prosecutors said he had targeted the woman’s girlfriend after they were seen together at a party.

Judge Patrick Dolan told Taylor he had shown “the utmost disregard for the lives of other people”.

He told Taylor: “I’m a judge, you’ve shown the utmost disregard.”

Taylor, who has previously been jailed in a separate murder case, was found guilty on Friday of murdering his 27-year-old girlfriend after she broke up with him.

The court heard Taylor had a history of antisocial behaviour, but he had not yet been assessed for mental health.

Judge Dolan said Taylor had shown an “unusual degree of self-discipline and restraint” and his behaviour had been “disturbing” at the time of the offence.

The judge also said Taylor’s behaviour was “completely inconsistent with the person who you are”.

“This was a highly dangerous and premeditated murder,” the judge said.

Judge said Taylor “had an unusual degree of antisocialsence and had not been assessed”.

He added: “You demonstrated extreme self-control and a lack of empathy.

You also demonstrated the utter lack of understanding that the victim had a relationship with a man who you were angry with.”

I’m satisfied you would have killed her if you had the chance.

“A forensic psychiatrist had assessed Taylor and he had been diagnosed as a dangerous offender, which means he could face the death penalty.

A psychologist said Taylor, a member of the London Underground Underground’s catering staff, was “extremely anxious” and “exercised extreme restraint”.

Judge Dolas said Taylor was a “bad person” and that he had had an “impending breakdown”.

The judge said Taylor would be placed on a strict watch list for life.

Taylor’s father, Keith, said: “It was devastating for him, devastating for his family and devastating for the people of the world.

“This is a terrible sentence.

We will never know the full extent of his mental health issues.”


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