How to use an iPhone app to find a good place to buy a magazine

An article published in Chicago Magazine, a leading online source of American Jewish news, details the best ways to buy the latest Jewish publications in the US.

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“As a Jew, I am proud to be a Zionist, a proud American who proudly holds my country’s national flag,” the prime minister said at the annual Jerusalem conference of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which promotes American foreign policy and Jewish interests.

Israeli leaders are not particularly keen on the idea of US backing an anti-Israel boycott, and have refused to meet with US President Donald Trump, who is also an American, in recent months.

“The US administration’s hostility to Israel and the Zionist cause is the biggest threat to Israel’s security and survival,” Netanyahu said.

He called on Congress to act on behalf of Israel’s national security, saying “it is the duty of every American to fight the scourge of anti-Semitism.”

“That is why I will soon be announcing a bill to prevent boycotts of American businesses,” he added.

The new legislation would prohibit companies from refusing to work with US government agencies, foreign governments and other organizations.

But it would also ban any US companies from making deals with Israeli companies, including providing services to the Israeli military, if the Israeli government deems the deals “harmful to Israel or its security”.

“Israel’s continued occupation of Palestinian lands is a serious threat to the security of the US,” the bill reads.

“It is also a grave threat to US allies in the Middle East, including the US ally Israel,” it adds.

The bill’s sponsors are Republican Rep. Eliot Engel, a former vice president and current chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the Democratic House Foreign Relations Committee.

“There’s no good reason for boycotting Israeli companies if they do business with the US, the bill states.”

This bill, which we hope will soon become law, will stop companies from boycotting the US government because of the state of Israel.

The new bill, the Anti-BDS Act, has been passed by both houses of Congress and will be sent to the president for his signature. “

The bill will ensure Americans can continue to buy Jewish-owned publications without having to travel to Israel.”

The new bill, the Anti-BDS Act, has been passed by both houses of Congress and will be sent to the president for his signature.

It has been called a “preemptive strike” by Israel lobby groups that say it would prevent American companies from doing business with Israel.AIPACE is also planning a boycott of Israeli companies in the coming months, including those owned by Israeli oligarchs and politicians.