Which magazine store in Delhi can offer the best discounts?

A shopkeeper at a book store in central Delhi says the best discount deals are available at the top-end of the mall.

He says the most popular outlets are the one-day bookstores, and the ones that offer special deals such as free books and more.

“The best discounts are available for the big brands like J&C, Barnes & Noble, and Simon & St John’s,” he said.

I buy books online for Rs 250 per month.

If I buy two books at Rs 300 each, I get free books for life.

The only difference is that I get books on sale only.

I can read books online at Rs 2,000 a month for a year, he added.

A large section of the Indian market is also keen on books online.

According to a survey done by a leading bookshop, Amazon India, bookstores and bookshops in Delhi have a massive number of online customers.

This is especially true of online booksellers, who charge more than double the prices of the offline shops.

A bookshop in the city, for instance, charges Rs 1,000 per month for online books, compared to Rs 700 for offline books.

However, most of these online bookstores are run by small mom-and-pop shops, with staff often reluctant to take on the huge online orders, especially if they don’t have any knowledge of the books they sell.

According to a recent survey conducted by an online bookseller, Bookstore Guru, about 75% of customers are booksells, but only 3% of their online customers are professionals.

Most booksell and bookshop owners say they do not have the knowledge or expertise to handle the large orders.

They often ask customers to pay upfront, and they often take on huge orders when their customers don’t pay up.