Tiger Beat Magazine: ‘I’m a huge fan of the Tiger’

The magazine has released an exclusive first look at the interior design of its new flagship store in Melbourne, Australia, featuring artwork by Australian artist, artist, and fashion designer, Nick Hase.

The interior of the store, which opened last week, features a wide variety of artworks by Hase including prints, wall art, and prints of the artist’s own artwork.

The shop is the first retail outlet to feature a “diamond” diamond stud in the ceiling, which was inspired by the famous diamond ring worn by Tiger Woods.

Hase’s latest art piece, titled “Diamond,” features an illustration of Tiger Woods wearing a diamond stud, which Hase explains was inspired to honor Woods.

The diamond is placed in the middle of the floor to symbolize the place where Woods would be seated if he won the 2003 Masters.

Hase told CNN the work, which will be on display for six weeks, is an homage to the iconic athlete.

He says the piece was inspired not only to honor the diamond, but also to honor his friend Tiger Woods, who also wears a diamond.

Hade also said that the store will be a place where people can come in and feel like they’re part of something special.

“I think people will really be able to relate to the story behind this store,” Hase said.

“It’s not just about one person’s name and the way they dress, it’s about the people that live and work here.

I think that’s what it’s going to be about.”

The shop also features prints from Hase and a large mural by artist, Niki Ojo, who will be featured on the interior of each store floor.

The mural depicts a family of three in the studio, with two of the children dressed in an all-black outfit.

The younger child is wearing a yellow and black T-shirt, while the older one is wearing blue jeans, and a white T-suit.

“It’s just really, really cool to be part of this conversation,” Hade said.

Hose added that his new store will also feature a selection of jewelry, which he says will be in line with Tiger Woods and other superstars who have worn diamonds.

A new line of T-shirts has also been announced, with the first set featuring the artist-designer’s logo in black.

The second set, which is expected to be released sometime this month, features an art print by artist/designer, Marni Lippard.

The third set, and the one featuring the designer’s logo, is expected sometime in early March.


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