Why we need to make America a nation of immigrants

We’re living in an age of unprecedented immigration.

The U.S. has the largest immigrant population in the world, with more than 7.5 million.

In 2016, the nation welcomed nearly a million people from abroad, a nearly 2% increase over 2015.

But it also has a long way to go to match that level of immigration, and the nation’s economy is struggling to absorb it.

Immigration is a critical issue for American politics because it helps shape the makeup of our country.

It affects people’s jobs, how they vote, how their families live, and their access to public goods like education and health care.

The immigration debate is just one of many that affect Americans, including economic inequality and the growing threat of terrorism.

But immigration has long been one of the defining issues in American life, and it has been especially contentious because it affects so many Americans, even those who have never felt like immigrants.

And that’s why we need a comprehensive immigration policy that is both compassionate and realistic.

We need a policy that helps people who want to contribute to our society, and who want the opportunity to do so without fear of deportation, but also recognizes that there are many people who will come to the United States regardless of their immigration status.

And we need policies that recognize that the United State is a country built on immigration, not exclusion.

So, first, we need the right policies.

To address the issues we’re facing, we must address them with policies that will allow more people into our country without compromising the fairness of our immigration system.

That means making immigration easier for people to enter and work, and requiring employers to offer good-paying jobs to those who want them.

We also must change our immigration policies to recognize that, in many cases, immigrants who are willing to work hard for their money will contribute to the American economy.

Immigration policy is so important, and our country is so great because of it, that it should be a central part of every conversation about what we should do for our country and its future.

But the most important step we can take is to take it seriously.

And as we do, we should be doing more to build a more welcoming and inclusive immigration system, not fewer.

Our immigration system is broken, with many people coming to this country without proper documents.

Some of them are here on student visas, some on work visas, and some on family visas.

They are not seeking the American dream, but instead seek a better life in America.

And many are here in hopes of finding that American dream.

To make sure that we’re welcoming those who are eligible, we also need to focus on our enforcement of our visa laws and our enforcement efforts.

It’s true that we have serious gaps in our enforcement.

But we have also a real problem of our enforcement in our immigration enforcement, which means that we don’t have enough officers and prosecutors to crack down on these serious offenses.

That’s why, for example, in some states, we are facing a surge in people who are illegally crossing our border illegally, and we have to close some of our border crossings.

We’re also facing the threat of new, violent threats on our borders, like the threat from ISIS and other groups.

These are not isolated incidents, they are the result of years of our broken immigration enforcement.

We must do better to protect our borders and our people.

We have to have more enforcement on the border.

And the administration has a strategy for that, but it’s a strategy that doesn’t focus on the real criminals.

Rather, it’s focused on the people who have entered the country illegally.

It focuses on the children who were brought here by their parents who are now living in the United Kingdom.

It focused on families who are here illegally and have children who are staying here illegally.

And so, in addition to our current efforts to close the loopholes in our visa system, we have an obligation to look for ways to make our immigration systems fairer and more equitable, and that includes a comprehensive approach to enforcement.

There are two basic approaches to immigration enforcement that should be taken by the administration and the Congress.

The first is that the administration should focus on deporting those who entered the United US illegally.

We don’t want people who came here to stay here, but we also want people here who have come here unlawfully to be prosecuted and deported.

That includes parents who brought their children into the United Sates illegally.

Those who came in through those loopholes should be prosecuted.

It includes employers who hired people who had illegal status, and those who allowed their employees to work without a visa.

That should include employers who employed unauthorized workers and employers who allowed unauthorized workers to work.

It should include the small business owners who brought in people without permission.

Those are the employers who should be arrested and prosecuted.

And it should include everyone who is in the country unlawfully, including those who came to this nation as children, parents,