New York Magazine’s editors ask why the title of its latest issue is ‘Dirty Little Secret’

New York magazine has apologized for its use of a dirty little secret to describe its newest issue.

In a post on its website Friday, the magazine’s editor-in-chief said it had mistakenly labeled the magazine “Dirty” in a title for its March issue.

“The title of our March issue was ‘Dirt,’ which is a term that we chose intentionally in an attempt to be inclusive and neutral,” editor-at-large Chris Vlachos wrote.

“It has now been fixed.”

Vlacheos added that the magazine was sorry for the mistake and that it would be updating the title on the cover of the issue shortly.

He said the magazine had been using “Dirt” since at least January, when it launched.

Vlacos said the issue’s title was changed to reflect its focus on women and their reproductive rights, and that the issue was not intended to be racist.

“This issue is a tribute to the diverse women we work with, to the women of color we cover, and to the stories we share that will make our world a better place,” he wrote.

In an email to VICE News, a spokesperson for the magazine said the title had been in the works for some time and was “not a decision we made lightly.”

The spokesperson said the publication would be rebranding the issue soon.