What is a ‘legend’ and what is a normal magazine

L’Empereur dell’Aosta, the club’s official magazine, is the official source for football news, features, video clips, and analysis from around the world.

The magazine was founded in 2005 by Gianni Mezzano, who went on to become Italy’s top football journalist for five years before becoming head of the Serie A club.

Here are the basics of the magazine: L’empereurs dell’, which translates as “the legend” or “the truth”, is a magazine that has a strong tradition of being a true source of football news and information.

The name of the Italian football magazine, which translates to “the light” or the source, comes from the idea of being the light of the team, and has a history dating back to the 18th century.

The newspaper, which covers Serie A, has been published in Italy since 2001 and covers Serie B, Serie C, Serie D, Ligue 1, and Ligue 2.

A source of information and a place for information about football, it is also one of the main sources of information for football fans.

In the early years of the 21st century, it was the main source for information on football players.

In 2017, it changed its name to L’Emelecitta, and is now based in Rome.

In recent years, it has been expanding its coverage of Serie A and Liguria, as well as covering the Bundesliga.

Its coverage is also carried in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Belgium, and elsewhere.

L’Europa Sportiva, the sport’s official publication, is another important source of Italian football news.

It is published in English and German.

Sportiva is the sport of football in the Italian Serie A. It also publishes a newspaper called La Repubblica, which is translated as “The Truth”.

Sportiva also publishes La Repozione, which features stories about footballers.

The La Repo is also translated as the “truth”.

The publication is based in Milan, and was founded by Gianluca Di Marzio in 1998.

The sport is known for its big matches, but also for its daily features, as this video shows.

It has also been expanding coverage of the Bundesliga, where it has two publications, the Sporti and La Repola.

La Repózione is a daily paper in Rome, which has a different title to the Sportiva.

It focuses on Italy’s Serie A team and features stories on them.

In 2018, Sportiva changed its title to Lítima Repubbilica.

It now covers Serie C and Liga-B, while the Sport i is now La Reposi, which focuses on the Bundesliga teams.

Sporti is the daily newspaper in Rome and is also based in Naples.

Sport i features stories from all parts of Italy, including the south.

It was founded as a news source for Serie A in 2003.

Sportivia is the news outlet of the Italy national team, based in Turin.

It covers Italy’s national team.

It had a long history, and it is still published in the capital.

It started as a sportswriter and then changed its identity to a sport newspaper.

It published in 2001, but changed its focus in 2005 to become the sports daily La Repolitana, which includes the Serie B team.

Sportivo is a newspaper published in Milan and covers the Italian Premier League.

It first published in 2006.

It moved to the Serie D title in 2009.

The publication covers Serie E, Liguori di Serie, and La Liga.

Sportii is a sports magazine, published in Rome by the Il Messaggero company.

It mainly covers Serie D and Larga di Serie.

It changed its titles to La Reposti, La Reposa, and Sportiva in 2016.

Sportiti is a monthly sports magazine published in Naples by the company Sporti, which was founded and started in 2006 and has been in existence since 2005.

It primarily covers the Serie C team.


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