Why do men like the sound of a woman talking?

The best news of the day is that, thanks to a new feature in ms magazine that helps men learn how to talk, they like the female voice even more.

As a result, they’re more likely to listen to women when they talk, and more likely, to listen more attentively.

The feature is part of the new ms magazine collection, which features a number of “unusual” and “unfortunate” features.

For instance, the feature gives men the option to select a “male” voice in response to a female voice and, in addition, to hear a woman’s voice, instead of a male voice.

If you want to hear both male and female voices, you can select both voices as you would a regular human voice.

You’ll also hear a different version of the male voice, which has a more relaxed, almost “charm-like” quality.

The idea is that you’ll feel less guilty about listening to someone you don’t know.

What you’re really getting at is that if you want men to be able to learn to talk to women, you should listen to them, too.

The features also include suggestions on how to tell if someone is a good listener, which may help you choose the right person to listen for, as well as how to improve your own ability to listen.

The results are not good news for people who want to learn how women speak.

In an interview with ms, Dr. Sarah Tissot, a lecturer at the University of Bristol, explained that although it’s true that men tend to listen better to female voices than male voices, that’s mostly because women are more likely than men to use a neutral tone when speaking.

“We’ve come to a point where women are becoming the primary speakers in our social groups, and so people are increasingly being told to ‘sit back and listen’ to them,” she said.

“But if you’re a guy, there’s really no way to turn it on unless you have some knowledge of how they’re doing it.

You can’t ask them questions about how they talk because that’s not going to help you learn, and you might just end up with a sexist culture.”

It’s worth noting that Dr. Tissott did not find any evidence of any sexist bias when she tested the new features, but the results did suggest that, as with any other subject, you need to learn more about women and their voices.

“Women are just not as interested in listening as men are,” she told ms.

“They don’t really like to talk and they don’t like to listen very much.

That’s just not how it is.”

To learn more, check out the ms magazine feature here.

The full ms collection can be found here.


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