Trump: I’ll be ‘tough’ with Russia

President Donald Trump says he’ll be “tough” with Russia.

“I will be tough, I will be very tough,” Trump said Thursday at a meeting of the National Security Council.

“You’re going to see things happen.”

Trump’s tough talk comes after months of speculation that the U.S. might consider military intervention in Syria if the Russians refuse to back down on their support for Assad.

“We will never back down,” Trump told the Council of Foreign Relations.

“The American people want to see the Syrian people come out of this terrible situation.

So, we will never allow that to happen.

So that’s why we will be going after the Russian Federation, not just Russia, but the entire world, because we’re gonna make sure that the world knows that the United States of America is not afraid of the Russians.”

The president said he believes Russia is a “cancer” and will “be the biggest threat” to the world if the country is not removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.