Tesla shares rise as stock price rises

Tesla Motors Inc. has risen as the company’s stock price climbed this week, but its performance is still lagging behind its peers.

The stock rose 5.1% in late trading, up more than 100% from a year ago and above the price of its flagship model, the Tesla Model S sedan.

The S was the most expensive car on Tesla’s market this week.

It retailed for $97,750 when it was launched last year, according to Edmunds.

It is the companys first vehicle with a fully electric drivetrain.

The rise in Tesla stock value, however, is likely due to strong demand from its loyal customer base, according a Bloomberg article that quoted a Tesla executive.

The company has seen an increase in interest from investors after the company announced last week it would be selling a significant portion of its stock to raise money.

Tesla said the move would help to pay down debt and fund capital expenditures.

The $2.5 billion purchase is part of a plan by Tesla to exit the luxury sedan business.

Tesla has been struggling with a high price of the Model S.