How to make your own ‘hola’ magazine

Hello magazine has come up with a new way to advertise its products, with a magazine featuring a “hola” image that can be used to promote products and services.

The magazine, which launched in January, features the logo of Hello magazine alongside a picture of a hola flower.

“A hola is a kind of watermark on a piece of paper,” Hello magazine’s CEO, Pauline Stensberg, said in a statement.

Hello magazine has released a ‘holacolor’ cover with a holacolor image, in an advertisement.

Source: Hello Magazine via Facebook.

The magazine’s new logo uses a different type of image than the standard “holacolors” on Hello magazine products.

Instead of the standard logo with a flower and a circle, Hello magazine opted to use a “fern” image on the front of the magazine.

As well as promoting Hello’s products, the logo also features a quote from Hello’s founder, Hello Magazine founder Pauline.

“I believe holacolor is a word that should never be lost, and I’m happy to use it in this way,” Stensburg said in the statement.

“It’s a way to promote Hello and its products to anyone who might be interested.”

Hello Magazine’s ‘holamod’ ad campaign is the latest in a series of ads designed to promote the Hello brand.