Why it was such a huge success

A Japanese magazine, AMI, has gone global.

The magazine is the latest in a wave of Japanese publishers to offer an online version of its English-language publications, which is often a lucrative option for Japanese publishers.

The magazine, which launched in 2013, was one of several that came to Japan in recent years to offer digital editions.

AMI launched the Japanese edition of its magazine, Ami magazine, on Aug. 3, and in the first day, the company said it had received more than 6,500 applications from Japanese publishers interested in selling digital editions of the magazine.

AMI said it expects to begin selling the digital editions in Japan by mid-September.

“We have seen tremendous interest in the magazine online and our publisher has already signed deals with some publishers,” said Hiroshi Miyasato, the magazine’s president.

“We are also planning to offer the digital version in the future.”

The company said the digital edition will be available for purchase from the same stores that carry the magazines, and its website is planned to be launched in Japan next year.AMI is the first Japanese publisher to offer online access to its magazines.

The company’s other Japanese-language publishers, including Hachima Kikō and Tōjō, also have digital editions, but the company’s is a digital only format.

Ami magazine has been successful in Japan partly because it is an online magazine, and partly because the company is a leader in the industry.

Ami is the only magazine in the world that can be viewed online in English.

The online version allows readers to browse and comment on articles on the website, and it also allows readers a way to buy and sell digital versions of the magazines online.

Unlike its English online counterpart, Amis main focus is on digital magazines.

It is a niche publication that has a large online following in Japan, but it has been hit hard by a severe recession in recent months.

In 2014, Japan’s trade minister, Hiroaki Ono, called for publishers to cut the cost of magazines in order to attract more readers, but his proposals did not come to fruition.

While some publishers have tried to make the magazines more affordable through a discount program, the current editions of Ami are priced at about $40 a copy, according to a report by the Financial Times.

An example of a Japanese publisher’s online strategy is Hachimitsu magazine, published by the Tokyo-based publisher of Amish, a magazine for older men, that has been published in English for nearly a century.


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