How to take a model railroading photo

A model railrider can be a tough one to get a hold of because it’s not a particularly well-known commodity.

But for those who do manage to get hold of one, they’ll get to enjoy the thrill of taking a model train on a scenic day.

Here are a few tips on how to get your photo taken with a train.


Be prepared and have the camera ready.

You should have your camera ready to take the picture.

And you need to be ready to wait for the train to pass before you can take a picture.

For some people, it’s a hassle to wait in the train for the photo to come in, while for others, it’ll be worth the hassle to just take the photo and leave it on the train.

For a guide to take your first model railride, go to here.2.

Be aware of the train’s speed.

You can take pictures of trains going at high speed while they’re still in motion.

You can also try to take pictures while the train is moving along.

You might also be able to take photos of the wheels and wheels themselves.

You’ll need to get the train moving as fast as possible.


Plan ahead and be prepared.

You’ll need a good night’s sleep and some good lighting, but a train’s motion can be quite distracting and it’s best to take some of the shots while it’s still moving.

There are a lot of different camera angles you can shoot at while the track is moving.


Be selective.

When taking a train photograph, take a few shots and leave the rest.

You won’t be able the next time the train comes along.


Keep your camera sharp.

Take a look at this handy guide to help you pick the right camera.

If you can’t find the guide, you can always check out the model railriders Facebook page.