New ‘easy rider’ magazine will be in the newsroom of the Daily Mail

Newsroom staff will soon have access to a new ‘easy ride’ magazine in the UK, which is due to be launched by the Daily Express in 2018.

The publication, which has been operating out of a former warehouse in Wirral, will be owned by the newspaper’s news department.

The magazine will focus on the ‘easy riders’ who will travel for the sport, rather than on ‘tourists’, and will be available to staff, staff-only and other customers who do not own the Daily Telegraph.

The launch will be the first for the Daily News, which last year launched a monthly ‘easy-ride’ magazine.

The new ‘simple ride’ will feature features including tips and tricks from leading riders, with an exclusive guide to ‘easy riding in sport’ by the former News of the World editor Andy Coulson.

‘The magazine will include a wide range of articles, including tips on how to ride a bike, a selection of the latest bikes and the latest riding styles, including the latest in road bikes, bikes with rear suspension, bikes for kids, and more,’ said the Daily Mirror.

‘It will also feature articles that will be relevant to the everyday rider.

The first issue will be released in 2018, and will feature exclusive content and articles on the latest news and fashion, the latest fashion trends, the most popular cycling races and more.’

It is not yet known whether the magazine will offer exclusive content on the daily and seasonal news cycle.

‘As the Daily Herald’s newsroom is one of the biggest in the world, the launch will mark an exciting new chapter for our organisation and the Daily Post Group,’ said editor-in-chief John Taylor.

‘We are excited about the opportunities this new magazine will provide and the opportunity to work with such a great team of journalists, editors and photographers.’

The launch of the ‘simple-ride magazine’ comes at a time when the Daily Record Group is preparing to cut its media team to 10 people, leaving it with just four staff.

This means the newspaper is facing a big challenge in bringing in a new editorial team to the fold.

The newspaper is currently employing 10 staff, and it is understood that it will be looking for a new creative and news editor.

‘This new publication will be designed to give the newspaper more choice in how it presents its content,’ said Taylor.

The Mirror has launched a ‘new-media strategy’ in which it will focus heavily on online, digital and digital-first content.

The company is also considering an online magazine and an online lifestyle publication.

‘While we are focused on our digital platform and digital newsrooms, we want to be clear that we are also focused on the print industry and that we will continue to be a leading newspaper with a print-only business,’ said Emma Ritchie, editor-at-large of the Mirror.