New Crypto Currency to Replace Bitcoin in US Banking: New Zealand Herald

A New Zealand paper has announced it will become the first major national publication to accept cryptocurrencies in its new digital currency edition, 350 Legend Magazine.

The New Zealand Daily Star (DNST) says the digital currency will replace bitcoin, which it says will be used by millions of Kiwis to buy and sell goods.

According to the newspaper, the new digital edition will be launched in mid-January and will feature an article by a member of the public that outlines how to make their digital currency “worth less”.DNST is the first paper in the country to adopt the digital form of money, with its online platform being developed by the NZ Times Digital Magazine.

Its digital currency, which is intended to be used on a peer-to-peer basis, will be a payment option for its readers and will be available to everyone who is signed up to the digital edition.

The digital edition also features a free section of news and current affairs stories, as well as exclusive interviews and features, including a piece on New Zealand’s digital currency.

The new digital version of the New Zealand Times Digital Magazines is expected to launch in January.

According the New York Times, “The news, politics and culture of New Zealand have been influenced by digital media for decades.

The digital currency revolution is about to deliver unprecedented levels of global visibility.”

The newspaper says digital currencies are “revolutionary” because they allow readers to have greater control over the content they consume.

“They provide an entirely new way of consuming content, and as a result, the digital world is about more than money,” the newspaper said.

It also says that “a digital currency cannot exist without the internet.”