How to avoid a ‘fake news’ media

How do you avoid a fake news media?

National Geographic magazine published a guide to keeping your “fake news” from becoming the headline of the next national news story, and how to avoid “fake” news altogether.

Here’s the guide.


Never talk about yourself as a person.

A person is not an adjective.

You can say “myself,” but it doesn’t mean you have any actual experience of what a person looks like.

It doesn’t tell you anything about what you are, what your goals are, or how you got to where you are.

If you want to write about yourself, think about how you are different from everyone else, not what others are like.


If it’s about yourself. 

If it’s the subject of the story, don’t tell it the story of the person you’re writing about.

Don’t write about how much you value their lives or what they’ve done for others.

Instead, write about their strengths and how you think they could be better.


Use the person’s name as a “buddy.”

“I love being around her,” says a woman named Laura.

“She’s smart and she’s caring and she knows the world well.”

She writes about her own struggles with addiction, depression, and her relationship with her sister.

“It’s so important to have someone who loves you unconditionally, who cares about you, who wants to see you happy,” she says.

“If you don’t, then you’ll never really have someone in your life you can turn to and who can help you to heal.”


If the subject is your job.

The person’s names are also important.

“I don’t write stories about my job,” says an older woman named Lisa.

“The best job stories are those about what it’s like to be a mom, a teacher, a doctor, or an architect.”

“If they’re about my life, that’s a story about me,” says another woman named Rachel.

“They can’t have an excuse that it’s a job.”


Use a professional title.

If you’re a journalist, you have to write the story.

“A story is not just a series of paragraphs that tell a story,” says Lisa.

“When you write about a person, it’s important to be able to give them a name and a title,” says Laura.

That way, they can understand why you are writing about them, and you can keep it straight to the story and not have to change the story if it’s not the right fit.


Don´t talk about a personal or professional relationship.

“Personal relationships are great, but they can get in the way of stories,” says Rachel.

Instead of writing about a friend or family member, write a story of your own.

If that means you have a relationship with someone who isn’t your “personal confidante,” it’s okay to say so. 7.

Keep it brief.

“Don’t have a long article that’s too long or too long-winded,” says Lauren.

“Make sure the article is interesting, but short.”

If you’re talking about a story, use a headline that can fit the headline.

Donât write about the people in the story; instead, make a list of the people.

“We can be really helpful when it comes to connecting people to a story when it’s really a story that has been told by a trusted friend or loved one,” says Kate.


Be clear.

“When you’re trying to write a short story about a single person, keep it brief and short, say nothing at all,” says Megan.

“Let the reader feel the story.”


Avoid using a celebrity.

“People need to know that this is a real story, not a story for the masses to enjoy,” says Liz.

“Celebrity people are not real people.”

If the person is famous, you should use the name of a person famous in a similar field.

For example, you can write about what a scientist, athlete, or lawyer does, or a politician, or what a lawyer does in the courtroom.


Donate to your local news source.

“There are some local news organizations that have a very, very, dedicated staff of reporters,” says Kathryn.

“But when they start writing stories about people, they get a huge amount of attention.

I’m not sure why they’re doing it, but if they’re giving attention to people, I think it’s pretty irresponsible.”

“When it comes time to write stories, you need to make sure that you have the resources to cover the news, the time to cover it, and the money to cover that coverage,” says Diane.

“For those reasons, I wouldn’t trust a news outlet to cover my news, and that’s not necessarily true for national stories.”


Write from the heart.

“Write from the hearts,” says


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