How to stop the Irishmen from getting too excited about Nerf and Star Wars

In recent years, the Nerf brand has taken a backseat to its own new generation of toys, with Nerf Star Wars and Star Trek toys coming out last year.

Nerf is now going after its core audience in a big way.

The company is looking to sell over one million Star Wars-themed Nerf guns in the United States by the end of the year.

But Nerf hasn’t exactly been shy about targeting other entertainment properties. 

The company has been targeting the sci-fi, fantasy and action-adventure genre with a number of products. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released on March 25, 2016 and Nerf has been releasing Star Wars merchandise since then.

The brand has been teasing Star Wars toys for years, but this was the first time they released one with a Star Wars logo on it. 

“The Nerf Nerf Blast line will be launching in the U.S. on April 7,” the Nerfs website says.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing the Force back to your doorstep with a brand new Star Wars Nerf blaster!” 

A Nerf product can be found on the Nerftest online store and the company has even started to offer limited-edition Nerf items for sale. 

Nerf will have its own online store, but the product will be sold exclusively through the Nerafest online site. 

It’s not just Star Wars that Nerf wants to target with the Star Wars line, but a whole host of other entertainment property, too. 

For example, Nerf was the focus of a recent segment on the Today Show on The Today Show with Savannah Guthrie. 

During the segment, Guthrie asked if the Nerfed toy line would be a good fit for Disney, which is owned by Comcast. 


I think the Nerifers, if they’re gonna do that, it should be Disney, not Nerf,” said Guthrie, referencing the Nerfaest toy line.

“If you can make the Disney-owned Nerf line, I’m totally on board.” 

It sounds like Nerf isn’t the only company looking to get in on the Star War action. 

A recent survey found that the Nerff Toy line had sold out by the time they were released, but that they have also been getting in on other Star Wars products.

In the US, Nerfa has released Star Wars minifigures and toys, and has even had a line of Star Wars clothing, including hats and scarves. 

On its website, Nerfs Star Wars action figure line has sold over 2 million figures, but has not yet been released in the UK, where Nerf Toyline has sold out. 

In January, released an exclusive Nerf toy to celebrate the launch of the new Star War toys, including the Nerdfight Blaster. 

When Nerf Toys first released the StarWars StarWars blaster in 2015, the toy sold out in minutes.

 The Nerfaartes Nerftoys Star Wars Star Wars Blaster line will launch on January 15. 

So what does the StarWars line mean for the future of the Nerfing brand? 

Nerd, the company behind the NerF Star Wars toy line, told the Daily Dot that the line is “more of a toy and more of a game” than a StarWars product. 

They said that the new line will focus on toys with a wide variety of features, including interchangeable parts, and that they are targeting toys that people will be excited to play with for years to come. 

There is one downside to the Star Wars line, however. 

While Nerf’s Star Wars blaster line is expected to be a success, the original Nerf toys have not been popular with fans. 

Fans of the original Star Wars games have long complained about the lack of toys and accessories in the line, and the backlash has caused the company to cut back on production. 

But with the release of the Starwars toys, the brand is hoping to regain some of the momentum that it had lost in the wake of the recent backlash. 

With the new toys, Nerff wants to be able to say that the toys were designed with a particular fan in mind, rather than being a reaction to the backlash to the original toys. 

According to Nerf, it will also aim to focus on the toys for the first few years of the line. 

You can read more about the Nerfected Nerf series here:  Follow  Nerf on Twitter at @nerfnews  or Facebook


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