China launches ‘sun-loving’ new ‘sun lamp’ to save lives

China has launched a new type of solar panel that will allow people to use solar power on a small scale to help save lives.

The sun lamp is part of the country’s effort to cut CO2 emissions and help combat global warming, according to the People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s mouthpiece.

It is a solar-powered device that is manufactured in China and is being tested by the country to see if it can help save people’s lives, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday.

It will be installed in a number of small solar-panel manufacturing plants, it added.

A sun lamp in action.

Source: Getty Images / Alamy Stock Photo / Alastair GrantIn the future, people could use the solar panel to help them with the daily chores like washing their clothes, cooking their food and washing their cars, Xinhua reported.

The government is also considering selling the solar lamp to the public, it said.

The solar lamp was first proposed by a young scientist, Li Qingming, who said he was inspired by the sun to create the device.

Li said he wanted to help people use the sun’s energy in their everyday lives, Xinhuanet news agency quoted him as saying.

He said he thought the energy could also be used for scientific research and was inspired to design the solar-based device in 2011.

The Chinese government hopes to have the solar lantern on the market by 2020, Xinhentai reported.