Six-inch, 6-pound handgun can fire 7 rounds per second

Six-inches and even six-pound handguns are a thing of the past in the United States, thanks to a new, 6.8-inch version of the pistol that shoots 7 rounds a second.

The weapon was developed by Magpul and will be available as a $199.99 kit in the US and Europe.

The 7.62x39mm Magpuzec M5 is designed for long-range shooting, but the 7.2x28mm Mag Puzec can be used for close quarters combat, especially when paired with an AR-15.

The AR-10, a rifle with similar performance, will also be available.

Magpuls is also developing a smaller pistol, the Magpulus.

That gun, with its shorter barrel, features a longer, more manageable trigger pull.

Mags also recently announced a new rifle called the Mag Pulsar.

Mag Pools has also partnered with US Military to produce the MagPul AR-16 and AR-17 rifles.

A few weeks ago, Magpools announced a pair of new weapons.

It is rumored that one is a new .308 rifle that fires .308-caliber ammunition.

Another, an AR15-style weapon that fires a new round, a new cartridge, and is available in three calibers.

Magazines have been limited to six rounds, but they are expected to be able to shoot up to 16 rounds per minute.


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