What’s next for the NHL?

The NHL is in the middle of a “mini-cycle,” which will include a new general manager, a new coach, and perhaps a new head coach.

We’ll find out if it is worth the risk this weekend when the teams meet in Las Vegas, with the playoffs on the line. 

The NHL will hold its annual owners meeting on Saturday.

The first day of that meeting will be the owners meeting in Anaheim, Calif., and the second day will be in Las, with games starting at 7 p.m.


The NHL’s Board of Governors has a set of eight owners that meet twice a year.

The meeting is the most important meeting of the year for the owners and the NHL, and it’s usually held the first week of February.

The Board of Directors is divided into five panels that meet six times a year: the Presidents’ Committee, the Presidents Executive Committee, each of the Board of Presidents, the Hockey Operations Committee, and the Presidents Committee.

The Presidents’ Panel is composed of four presidents and four directors.

Each president has a different set of responsibilities and duties.

The first president is the president of the NHL and serves as chairman of the league’s executive committee.

He is also the chair of the Executive Committee.

This president oversees the league and is responsible for all executive decisions, including commissioner, executive vice president, and senior vice president duties.

The president of hockey operations is responsible to the chairman of that committee.

The other two presidents of the League are: the president who oversees the League’s amateur scouting, development, and player personnel, and who is responsible, in part, for identifying and developing prospects for the League.

This person is also responsible for evaluating players and determining eligibility for the Draft, signing amateur free agents, and other professional activities.

The other director of the Association is responsible with overseeing the League and the National Hockey League’s operations.

The commissioner of the National Sports Foundation is responsible in part with overseeing League finances.

This panel of five, plus the president, also decides the League Board of Commissioners, the League Executive Committee and the League President.

The two directors of the presidents’ panel are responsible for the overall administration of the Division, including the expansion of the team and expansion of other teams.

The two directors are the chairman and vice chair of each of those panels.

Each director is also a director of an organization that plays in the NHL.

The director of that organization is the chairman, but he is also, in turn, responsible for overseeing all the decisions, operations and policies of that league and all its members.

The directors are responsible with allocating revenue, spending and marketing, and overseeing the expansion and development of all teams.

They also have responsibility for administering the League budget.

The presidents’ and directors’ roles in the League differ.

The presidents oversee the League, while the directors oversee the management of the Players’ Association and the Hockey Writers’ Association.

The commissioners are appointed by the Board and must serve a two-year term.

They must also be a member of the executive committee of the owners.

The owners meet once every two years.

The owners meeting is held in Anaheim on Feb. 5-6, with a game starting at 8 p., and a second meeting in Las at 7:30 p.

The next two meetings are in Anaheim and Los Angeles, with game times scheduled in each city.

The meetings are held in Las and Anaheim.

The meetings are generally open to the public and consist of a brief presentation by the commissioner and a question and answer session with the owners’ executive committee members.

The executive committee is also allowed to ask questions and participate in a vote on any matters that are submitted by the owners to the owners at the owners meetings.

The board of governors met on Feb 10 in New York City.

The last owners’ meeting took place in Toronto on Feb 18.

The next owners’ meetings are scheduled for March 10-11 in San Jose and Toronto.

The following owners meetings are expected to be held: Feb 13-14, Anaheim, CA; Feb 20-21, Los Angeles; Feb 24-25, Nashville; Feb 28-29, Ottawa; Feb 31-April 1, Dallas; March 2-4, Philadelphia; March 6-7, Detroit; March 9-10, Buffalo; March 11-12, Pittsburgh; March 14-15, Detroit.